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Raspberry PI Distribution List

** First of all: not only Raspberries! **
If you have other boards; Armbian and OpenSuse support a really wide range of them.
Some of the distribution listed below support more boards or x86 CPU but it is not specified for now.

Armbian - Support 44 boards!
Lightweight Debian (Wheezy or Jessie) or Ubuntu (Trusty or Xenial) based distribution specialized for ARM developing boards
Server or XFCE desktop
Legacy or Vanilla kernel.
Compiled from scratch (by Igor Pečovnik)

OpenSuse Tumbleweed - Support 67 boards/devices! (including RPis)
Official Opensuse Tumbleweed for ARM boards, rolling release
Come as Just Enough Os (JeOS) or with E20, XFCE, LXQT desktop

Still waiting for:

- Official Android
- 64 bit image for Rpi 3

* Enjoy, share and comment

Raspbian - The official distribution
Based on Debian, Pixel desktop and minimal edition, one image for all models

64 Bit images (Rpi3 only, of course)

Arch Linux ARM
This provides an installation using the mainline kernel and U-Boot.
There is no support for the vendor-provided libraries, extensions, or related software.
Some of the hardware on the board may not work, or it may perform poorly.

Devuan beta
Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd

OpenSUSE Leap
Official Opensuse Leap , stable release
Upstream non Raspberry Pi foundation kernel
Come as Just Enough Os (JeOS) or with E20, XFCE, LXQT desktop

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
Official Opensuse Tumbleweed , rolling release
Come as Just Enough Os (JeOS) or with E20, XFCE, LXQT desktop

Non upstream kernel:

Upstream kernel:

Currently there are no packages for the 12 (HEAD) branch on arm64, so you will have to use the packages for 11.x (STABLE).

SUSE SLES registration required

Suse Linux Enterprise Server, 12 Service Pack 2, but please note that SUSE doesn't offer commercial support for it.
Uses Btrfs for the root file system and IceWM (ICE Window Manager) is used as default desktop environment.
Also GCC 6 is integrated and recommended for compiling programs from sources.

Audio / Music

Archphile beta
ArchLinuxARM based, ympd webui

OpenWRT based, MPD client

Max2Play formely Squeezplug commercial 9,99/14,99/29,99 for a 1/2/5 year(s) license

Moode Audio Player / MoodeOs favourite for mpd
Raspbian based, MPD client, forked Volumio Webui, frequently update, upnp renderer

PiCoreplayer favourite for squeezelite
Tiny Core based, Squeezelite player, Logitech Media Server, Touchscreen with Jivelite

PiMusicBox last release 2015/04/6
Raspbian based, Mopidy client

Roon Output Bridge beta Roon pricing: 119 $/year or 499 $ Lifetime, 15 days free trial

Rune Audio beta
ArchLinuxARM based, MPD client, forked Volumio webui

Voyage Linux last release 2015/06/30
Voyage is a very stripped-down Debian Linux, Voyage MPD for RPi

Volumio formerly Raspify
Raspbian based, MPD client, cool webui, new verion 0.976 out now


LibreELEC beta favourite
New fork of OpenELEC

OpenELEC favourite
Indipendent embedded distro

OSMC formerly RaspBMC
Raspbian based

OpenELEC based, companion to Plex Media Server, use OpenPHT; fork of Plex Home Theater

Sabayon on ARM
Sabayon in Base or Media center editions

Raspbian based

Gaming / Emulators

OpenElec based, official Retroarch distro for gaming, libretro cool XMB user interface

Recalbox beta
EmulatioStation, Libretro, Kodi, Mame

Raspbian, EmulationStation, Libretro

Piplay formerly PiMAME beta, last image 2015/03/27

Desktop/Server/Self-hosting/General purpose

Indipendent embedded Linux system

Indipendent embedded Linux system, Yocto 1.7 compatible

Arch Linux ARM
Alarm continues the philosophy of Arch Linux into new architectures, not affilated with ArchLinux

arkOS in development
Arch Linix ARM based, self-hosting

Binary Emotions donationware
Digital Signage

CentOs for raspberry

Crux last kernel image 2015/10/25, RPi 1 only (Linux version 3.6.1)
Indipendent lightweight targeted at experienced Linux users

Devuan beta
Devuan GNU+Linux is a fork of Debian without systemd

DietPi favourite as server
Raspbian based, server with preconfigured and optimized programs, self-hosting

Fedberry Rpi 2 only
Fedora 23 for Raspberry Pi 2

Finnix Technology preview
ARM support is not officialy supported (sic)

Check instructions. Cross compilation is an option

Minimal debian based os optimezed for Docker

Kali Linux ARM
Debian based, pentesting

Educational server, Khan Academy (related to rachel-pi?)

LEDE Project
fork of OpenWRT, embedded, provide 3 build, one for each SoC

Linutop OS commercial 79 euro

Manjaro ARM

Minimal Raspbian

DVR/security cam os

Moebius last image 2015/03/06
Minimal Linux

Indipendent. NixOs for RPi

OpenMandriva last image 2015/03/04

Debian based NAS

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
Official Opensuse for ARM boards, Tumbleweed rolling branch

Indipendent embedded Linux system

Parrot Security OS
Debian-based, security-oriented distribution featuring a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, hacking, privacy, anonymity and cryptography

Pearl Linux Mate RPi2 last image 2015/10/29
Raspbian based

PearlPi LXDE+KODI RPi2 last image 2015/08/19
Raspbian based

Pignus ARMv6 Only (A, A+, B, Zero models)
Fedora 23 optimized for ARMv6 BCM2865

Linux from scratch on the rpi

Classroom/educational, thin client

compact Raspbian

Access point made easy

Indipendent. Plop Linux is a distribution built from scratch. It's designed for advanced Linux users

Raspbian based with Trinity Desktop (Kde 3 fork)

Educational server, a World Possible initiative

Indipendent, RancherOS is a tiny Linux distro that runs the entire OS as Docker containers

Build by Arne Exton, Arch Linux ARM with LXDE

Build by Arne Exton, Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE

RaspEX with OpenCPN commercial 15$
Build by Arne Exton, Ubuntu 16.04 with LXDE and OpenCPN pre-installed

resinOS registration required, free 1 to 5 device
A host OS tailored for containers, a Yocto Project

Debian based distro for cryptocurrencies

Debian based? owncloud self-hosting, require upnp router for activation (dlna is not enough)

Slackware ARM
Slackware on ARM for rpi

Debian based with XFCE, for RPi 2 and RPi 3

Snappy Ubuntu Core
New ubuntu using snapp packages

Tiny Core Linux
Very small indipendent Linux system

UBOS beta
ArchLinuxARM based, self-hosting owncloud nextcloud wordpress ecc

Ubuntu Mate
Mate desktop, based on the regular Ubuntu armhf

Ubuntu Rpi2 Rpi3
Regular Ubuntu armhf

V2 Cloud need a commercial service starting at 25$/month (right?)
V2 virtual desktop client

Void Linux
Indipendent Linux system

Weather Station

Debian based, for self-hosting, owncloud etc..

Linux Repository only

An Arch Linux ARM repository for security professionals and enthusiasts
Optimized for i686, x86_64, ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARMv8

BlackArch Linux
Pentesting, a repository compatible with Arch Linux ARM



Preconfigured FreeBSD 11 image

NAS4Free stable for RPi A/B/A+/B+ / experimental for RPi 2
NAS4Free for ARM platform, This is test build for ARM platform based on FreeBSD 11-CURRENT


Internet of Things OS

Android Things preview
Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications

Windows 10 IOT
They got it before Google!

Other, not Linux or not *BSD OSes

from the late 80's an OS for RISC/ARM by Acorn

AROS research/experimental os
Research operating system, images not in the wild?

AEROS donationware 15$ (check website for more details, there are 4 options)
Hybryd system, Aros on Debian Gnu/Linux

Plan9 research/experimental os
Experimental operative system

Inferno research/experimental os
Fork of Plan9

9front research/experimental os
Fork of Plan9, image not in the wild?

Mobile OS

Unofficial Android for Rpi3
Unofficial Android brought by Peter Yoon (code) and Sahaj Sarup (compiling)

RealTime Android N Rpi3
RTAndroid platform makes real-time Android possible. It provides support for applications with real-time requirements while keeping all benefits of Android

RaspEnd commercial 9$
Android compiled by Arne Exton

Tizen last image 2015/08/18
Useless, it boot, you can move the mouse but apps don't start (calc, terminal)

Sailfish Os last image 2015/11/11
Useless, it boot but freeze after 1 minute circa
** Rpi 3 devel image not tested


GeexBox snapshots are active, last stable 2013/11/03
Indipendent, stable iso/img are old, snapshots are active


Chromium for SBC

Chromium OS for raspberry

Adafruit Occidentalis

Berry Terminal

Binary Emotions commercial abandonware

Bohdi Linux


Firefox OS
One build in 2013




Ubuntu KDE

Crunchbang for Rpi

Fedora Remix, last image in 2014


The developer as joined Recalbox

Unofficial Red Hat based


Slitaz last image 2014/03/15

Minimal Slackware, last image 2015-01-01



** Sources and inspiration Raspberry Pi

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